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Cool Guy (or Gal)

We have often heard of someone calling the other “Cool” person. To me, “Cool” is being emotionally balanced, at least my own interpretation.

We need Emotional Intelligence to be successful in life. People who have Emotional intelligence are those who have high level of self-awareness, being able to identify own emotions and those of others. They are able to manage their emotions – remain calm and focused on tasks. They are not easily offended and never get too emotional about anything. They don’t let negative people affect them. Hence, they seem to be the COOL guy or gal.

The 7 characteristics of a highly Emotional Intelligent person. They:–
1. Are not perfectionists.

2. Live in harmony; strike a balance in work-play.

3. Are able to adapt to change.

4. Are motivated.

5. Are positive-minded.

6. Are open to new ideas.

7. Are compassionate.

Are you one?

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Branding is more than just LOGO

Even budding business owners know that it is important in getting their logos in the forefront.  The logo is a very important component of our brand but forms only one small part.  Adding colours, language, font type are the supporting factors.

Branding is about the experiences which we give to our customers.   Some organisations harp what they have,  and what they can do.  It is not about what-so-special about the organisation but about their customers.  What the customers need, can benefit and how we can help solve their problems.  The bigger the problem one can solve will command a higher profit to the business.

Branding is about values, personality, beliefs, communication and perception to people who experience it.  Although we cannot control perception but we can influence it to build reputation for ourselves.  Every opportunity counts to create good impressions.  Then what should we do?  Build relationships by creating impact, provide solutions and earn trust.

Start with the core values of your organisation, how you want to be perceived and strategise.   Customers will warm up to organisation that creates the togetherness, inspire and innovate.


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MINDSET: If you think you can, you can


It is from extreme importance when you do something to believe that you can actually achieve the goals that you’ve set up for yourself. There are no walls through the path of accomplish-ing your goals. The only walls, are the one that you put by yourself. Whether you think you can or you cannot, you’re right in either way.

Our mind is the most powerful thing that we possess. What you tell to yourself can prevent or make a change from happening, from achieving something, from getting new skills or from even cur-ing yourself from a disease.

If you are determined to achieve your goals, building better habits or just being better than yourself, then this article is for you!

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